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Ever wondered what it’s like to fly an airplane?

Attend Flying’sCool! and see.

With the help of an enhanced state of the art flight simulator complete with detailed systems, weather, and controls similar to what you would use in a real airplane, you’ll see what it’s like to take off, navigate to another airport and land, and whatever you want to do in between.  You’ll use the same tools pilots do to plan your flights and you’ll learn how to navigate from one place to another.

Flying’sCool!’s mission is to introduce children and adults ages 6 and older to the art of flying an aircraft through the use of PC-based flight simulators, all in a comfortable classroom  or home setting. Each class includes a combination of instruction and multi-media presentations, the highlight being hands-on use by each student of a flight simulator with controls just like those used in real aircraft.  The detail of the planes and scenery will blow you away.

Flying’sCool! offers Community Education classes in the Littleton / Acton / Groton / Westford, MA area, and education enrichment programs for schools. The available programs for educational services cover topics directly linked to the Massachusetts Curriculum frameworks, including subjects such as Math, Science and Technology, History, and Social Science. Programs are available for grades 1 through 12, with varying levels of detail depending on the age group, can be run for small or large groups, and can be tailored depending on the needs and desires of the school or other organization.

Flying’sCool! also offers entertainment services for birthday parties and other events, for children and adults ages 7-70. Everyone loves to see what it’s like to fly a real plane. As many as 10 people per hour can get a chance to sit at controls just like those in a real plane, plus we offer other services and products to help support your party or event.

Flying’sCool! provides help for people who are looking to enhance their copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Customers will be shown which addons would work well for their needs and how to install those addons so they all work together. Microsoft Flight Simulator is supported by a huge community of users and companies, but finding the best solution for your needs can be hard because the field is so vast. We will help you navigate through the myriad number of choices to build a platform that works for you and your budget.

Flying’sCool! is run by Thomas Perry. He has been studying aircraft and flying since he was a very young child, and is currently a private pilot with over 10 years and 200 hours of flying experience. He has been using computers and flight simulators for 20 years, and has created and released several scenery addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator for public use.

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