Android Apps for Private Pilots I – The Phone Upgrade

I absolutely loved my Nexus One.  Problem was, it just didn’t have enough memory.  It had less than 250 MB of useable memory for apps, and most of that was taken up by the standard apps likes Flash, Maps, etc..  I didn’t even have enough memory for my required apps, much less games or aviation apps.  I was constantly having to remove apps I used to make room to still allow the phone to work.  Well I finally upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

I’m on T-Mobile, and considered the HTC One S, but it just didn’t have the right combination of features I needed.  Despite the fact that I was partial to HTC thanks to my experience with the Nexus One (their customer support is AWESOME), I really wanted a removeble battery and a MicroSD card slot for extra memory, neither of which was available with the HTC phone.  To top it off, the One S only had 16 GB of memory for everything (12 GB available).  I’d already had to upgrade my Nexus One with a 32 GB MicroSD card, so there was no way the One S was going to work.

So when I saw the specs on the Galaxy SIII, I realized it was finally time to upgrade my phone.  16 GB of memory, a 32 GB capable card slot, removeable battery, and a supposedly better camera.  The phone is expensive, $229 + 20 * $20 = $629, but I REALLY needed a new phone.

I couldn’t be happier now.  I’ve already loaded 3GB of apps, but there’s still 9GB left.

So now that I’ve got plenty of space, it was time I loaded some apps to use while flying.  In the next article, I’ll list and review what I’ve found so far.

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