RT@faasafety.gov – “Boing! A Landing Safety Tip”

Thought I’d “retweet” this – From FAASafety.gov:

Boing! A Landing Safety Tip
Notice Number: NOTC2677

When an airplane contacts the ground with a sharp impact it tends to bounce back into the air. The airplane does not bounce like a rubber ball. Instead, it rebounds into the air because the wing’s angle of attack was abruptly increased, producing a sudden addition of lift.

The corrective action for a bounce is the same as for ballooning and similarly depends on its severity. When it is slight and there is no extreme change in the airplane’s pitch attitude, a follow-up landing may be executed by applying power to cushion the next touchdown, and smoothly adjusting the pitch to the correct landing attitude. When a bounce is severe, the safest procedure is to EXECUTE A GO-AROUND IMMEDIATELY.

Do you want to know more? The Airplane Flying Handbook and other FAA manuals are available here.  Or head on over to FAASafety.gov and click on the Resources tab and select Notices.  It’s a huge site with tons of information for new and old pilots alike.

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